Children are precious to you, to us, and especially to God! We consider it a privilege to be entrusted with the care of your children. We commit to nurture, love, and teach them about God and how to have a relationship with Him through Jesus. Faith Kids is a fun and engaging place where children meet God, experience His love and learn to share that love with others under the guidance of trained and dedicated volunteers.


Please let us know if your child has special needs, we desire to provide accommodations that best suit your child. Please contact Julie O'Toole, Children's Ministry Director with any questions or concerns. 


In the Nursery area of Faith Kids, we strive to show God’s love to each child by providing a safe and nurturing environment that meets the individual needs of every child in our care. Children spend the morning exploring a wide variety of toys and interacting with our caring staff. Children ages 3 and 4 are provided with age appropriate lessons and activities along with play time. Snacks, such as Goldfish and animal crackers are available; if you do not want your child to have snacks, please let the Nursery Volunteers know. Our church also has a place for moth­ers to nurse their infants. This room is located in the women’s restroom in the Faith Kids Hallway.


SUMMER FAITH KIDS (K-5TH grade) 10:15 AM

Join us to build relationships with Jesus and friends on Sunday morning for Faith Kids summer programming June 5 - July 31. The topics are: growing in wisdom and we are God’s masterpiece.

FAITH KIDS (5K-3rd grade)


On Sunday morning, kids experience the teaching of God’s Word through Large Group lessons with interactive storytelling and high energy worship. After Large Group, kids participate in small groups in their classroom to dig deeper into the lesson with themed activities, prayer and memory verse work all centered around building a relationship with Jesus. 

PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF: Faith Kids and XD Kids should be dropped off at the Large Group room which is at the end of the Faith Kids hallway and picked up from their small group classroom. 




We have designed our XD program to offer ways in which our children can have fun together while deepening their relationships with each other as well as being challenged to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Kids experience the teaching of God’s Word and how to apply it to everyday life. We engage in discussion that encourages them to think more critically about how God worked in the lives of these during biblical times and apply that to how He Works in their own lives today. Our XD program is a fun and safe environment for students to experience Christian fellowship, encourage one another and grow in their faith together. 




Join us in the summer for a fun-filled week of worship, games and Bible lessons told through skits, activities and crafts! Check out our Events page for more details and to register for this free event.


FAMILY CAMP (middle of August)

Do you ever find it hard to connect with your family in the hustle and bustle of daily life? How about connecting with God? It can be difficult for all of us and that’s why Family Camp is the place for you! Join in the fun and fellow­ship with other Faith Church families at Silver Birch Ranch in White Lake, WI for a weekend of bible teaching. Check out our Events page for more details and to register for this weekend get away.


Child Dedications are done at Faith Church as a way for parents to publically acknowledge their faith and the desire to raise their child in a way the honors God in the hope that one day their child will choose to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Child dedications are also an acknowledgement that children are gifts from God and that parents are dedicating themselves and their child to the Lord. This means lovingly training children up in the ways of the Lord, being examples themselves of a God honoring life and understanding that they need God's help to do this. Parents also understand the importance of family, friends and the church body for support and encouragement.  

For more information on child dedication, please contact the church office.