WHEN: 7-10th Grade meets Wednesdays,  7-9 p.m.

WHERE: Faith Church

WHEN: 11-12th Grade meets Sundays, 6-8 p.m.

WHERE: Pastor Brian's House

Join us for the fun, stay for Jesus! Our Crossfire program strives to find a balance between having fun, laughing and playing games together, and digging into God’s Word and growing in a personal relationship with Jesus.  

The foundation of Crossfire is built on the four quadrants that Faith Church is all about—Connect, Grow, Serve and Go.


We seek to “Connect” relationally. Students work together in groups of same gender/age, with adult leaders who are passionate about helping them grow in their faith, as they grow together in their faith journeys.


Biblical teaching and small group discussions are utilized to help students “Grow” in their faith as we learn to understand how we can Love God & Love others well.


Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. Our students have opportunities to follow His lead and “Serve” within Crossfire, on Sunday mornings, in Worship, through service nights, and other opportunities.


Each of us has been charged with the task of fulfilling The Great Commission and to “Go” into all the world and make disciples. Our students are encouraged to be a light in their communities, and beyond as they go on mission trips during their years of Crossfire.

Questions? Contact Pastor Brian, Pastor of Youth Ministry and Missions, 920-684-7208. 

upcoming events

Nov 21 .................................No crossfire

Happy thanksgiving

nov 28................... small group night

dec party

jan 4-6 ............districts conference


Discipleship Groups, a.k.a. D-Groups, are different from Wednesday night Youth Group. D-Groups are more intentional, more in-depth, and more personal. D-Groups are a small group of students led by spiritually mature adults that want to help grow, mature, and disciple students. These groups meet in homes where community is built by eating together, learning from one another, reading scripture, and praying for one another. Want to join? Meeting times and dates are unique to each group. 

Contact Pastor Brian for more information, 920-684-7208.